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Intentions hold the key to power.





We are manifesting things in our lives that we don't want because we have lost awareness of what we are and how to use our spiritual power.

As beings made of vibrations, we strive to synchronise with more vibrations. Positive energy is trying to synchronise with positive energy. Negative energy is trying to synchronise with negative energy, and so on.


The solution to manifest what we really want in our lives is to use our spiritual power-making intentions in everything we do. An intention is a desire, which leads to an emotion, which results in vibration, and that is how we manifest it. 

Many wise people have often pointed out that more than what we do is how we do it that makes the difference in our lives. Which kind of intention you are putting in? Are you doing things with love in your thoughts or for obligation? What are you thinking when you are eating? Gratitude or worries? 





We can shift our vibration by thinking how much we love our home as we clean it and feel blessed to live there. By doing this, we attract more blessings into our lives, being the vibration that we want to attract. 

And the best is that we can do this in everything we do in our daily tasks. We can transform any task into something we love if we create an intention. This atitude is called awareness, mindfulness or being present. 


You are what you vibrate.

Embrace your intentions and let the energy work with you. You just need to tap into the right internal energy. 


With Gratitude and Joy,
Prosper Flourish



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